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  • We accept applications for children aged between 3 and 6 years.

  • The language of instruction in the kindergarten is English, although many of the teachers understand Finnish and can communicate in Finnish if necessary. However, your child does not have to have previous knowledge of English.



Haaga:            08:00am to 5:00pm

We are closed during one week in February (The Finnish Ski Week), the month of July and on national holidays as well as the time between Christmas and New Years.


08:00 - Kindergarten opens

08:30 - Breakfast ends

09:00 – Morning circle

09:30 – Park time

11:30 – Lunch 

12:15 – Sleeping / Quiet time

13:00 – Afternoon activity for those who are awake

13:30 – Free play

14:20 – Snack 

14:50 – Story time & activities

15:15 – Park time

17:00 - Kindergarten closes


Under 3 year olds: 508.36€/month with basic Kela support

3-4  year olds: 477.77€/month with basic Kela support

5 year olds: 344.44€ (with basic Kela support + additional supplement for 5 year olds)

6 years olds in preschool only (09:00 to 13:00):  Free

After preschool care:  477.77€/month (with basic Kela support)

Sibling discount: 173€ for the second child enrolled to the daycare (valid from 1.7. 2023).

There is also an additional earnings related support for those who are eligible. If you are not eligible for Kela support  (non-resident in Finland) you need to pay the full kindergarten fee. Contact us for details.

Payment is due at the beginning of every month (for 12 months) and there are no reductions for missed attendance. All children are fully insured during their time at the kindergarten.

A non-refundable registration fee of 100€ per child will be charged once the application has been accepted.

A healthy breakfast, lunch and snack is included in the price. We serve a vegetarian meal 2-3 times a week.

Our kindergarten meets the requirements set for day care centers and you can apply, if eligible, for the KELA’s Private Day Care Allowance. For more information contact your nearest KELA office. Click here to find out more about the Private Day Care Allowance. 


Because every child is unique also our on-boarding methods vary. Some children adapt to a new kindergarten very fast while others take more time. We discuss the personal plan for your child before he/she starts at the kindergarten. Normally, we start with a first day visit with one of the parents were you can take part in some fun activity, such as the morning circle, together with your child. Next day, if your child is ready, she/he could stay from 30 mins to an hour at the daycare by her/himself. During the first week we gradually prolong the time your child spends alone at the daycare. Often, normal routines can begin during the second week of daycare. 



Our Haaga day care center is located on Kauppalantie 44, a short walk from the Huopalahti train station.


Come and visit us by appointment!

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