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Every child is unique and deserves high quality care and education

Due to the small size of our kindergartens, the teachers can pay particular attention to each child’s individual needs. Each child is encouraged to fulfil their dreams and ambitions. All children develop at a different pace and it is important they receive personalised attention and support.


We understand that building a secure self-confidence takes place in the early years and therefore our experienced teachers encourage and support each child’s development. Furthermore, a good quality day care should promote healthy growth through plenty of exercise outside and correct nutrition.


Children have the right to play and have fun

Children learn most effectively when they are playing and having fun. Play is also an integral part in a child’s physical, personal and social development. Therefore, our teaching is play-based and outdoor learning is highly valued. The kindergarten’s daily schedule allows plenty of time outdoors.


During outdoor play, children have the freedom to yell and run and they are encouraged to be more enthusiastic and energetic. Outdoor play allows children to experience the world in which they live through sounds, textures, smells, and hands-on interaction. Exercise is the foundation for the child’s wellbeing and it helps to promote a good healthy lifestyle. Outdoor play also allows the children to gain good control of their body which enhances a healthy self-esteem.

Caring for the environment, ourselves and for each other

At The Little English Kindergarten we teach children how to care for their environment by incorporating a greener lifestyle in the kindergarten. We try to reuse, repair and recycle materials that are used in the day care centre. For example, we recycle paper, cardboard, glass and biodegradable waste whenever we can. We also offer a vegetarian meal 2 to 3 times a week and have a reduced sugar policy where we limit the amount of processed sugar the children consume. This way we aim to encourage a sustainable and healthy life styles.

Our kindergarten teachers support the children’s self-efficacy and belief. They encourage children to use their own initiative and support them to become more independent thinkers. Children will be helped to dress themselves independently and taught how to have good personal hygiene.

The kindergarten takes an inclusive approach that promotes cooperation amongst the children. The teachers carefully design activities that develop team working and social skills. The day care encourages children to help others. For example, if somebody loses something, the whole class can help search for it. Furthermore, tolerance and understanding of others and different cultures is encouraged. Children are taught to share and not leave others out of play. Bullying is not accepted and immediately dealt with.

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